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Travelling is deadly...for prejudices

A saying from Mark Twain fits on Romania perfectly. A country with friendly people, huge potential, but much too little known and loaded with way too many prejudices.

It’s an open secret: Romania is an ideal destination for all Endruo lovers.

About 40% of the streets are not asphalted yet and after every corner a new dirt road awaits you!

We invite you to discover the country with us, away from the asphalted streets. Dirt roads, forest trails and turns without an end await you. Romania equally consists of plains, highland and mountains – it’s pure variety! Medieval castles, gorgeous villages from past times, stunning landscapes, friendly people and delicious food. To this and a lot more, you can look forward to, when joining our tour. As a nice bonus a car that carries our luggage will follow us at the begin of Austria. Also 1 person has the opportunity to be passenger in our luggage vehicle and enjoy the tour by car.

 Tourreport in the "Motorrad Magazin"

Getting to Romania. From our organized meeting we start our Journey to Romania. Mainly on the highway we drive through the Hungarian Pusta, alongside Budepst till we reach Oradea in Romania. Alliteratively you can get there by car and transport your motorbike on a car trailer. The first and the last night we will stay at the same hotel. Car and trailer can be parked there safely till we are back. If you want to, you can use the spa of the hotel to rela

50% asphalted Streets and 50% dirt roads

45% asphalted Streets and 55% dirt roads

55% asphalted Streets and 45% dirt roads

60% asphalted Streets and 40% dirt roads

30% asphalted Streets and 70% dirt roads

30% asphalted Streets and 70% dirt roads

70% asphalted Streets and 30% dirt roads

Getting back to our homecountry.

Romania NaTour

  • Termin: 06. - 14. Juli 2021
  • Hotel: 8 overnight stays in guest houses
  • Start/Ziel: Near Vienna
  • Tourlänge: ca. 2.400km from Vienna. ca. 1.350km in Romania, with 52% dirt roads and 48% normal roads
  • Tourdauer: 9 days
  • Fahrkönnen: Safe handling on normal ground an curvy mountain roads. Offroad experience is not necessary, but may be helpful
  • Leistungen: Local guide, getting there together with a vehicle for the luggage when starting in Vienna. Full board in Romania. 8 overnight stays in local guest houses.
  • Preis im DZ: 1399,- €
  • Preis Beifahrer: 1099,- €
  • EZ Zuschlag: 299,- €
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